Budget and spending tracker

Allow employees track their spending, see how how they're performing against their budget and where they're spending their money.

The habit tracker works just like a fitbit. Set your goal, and monitor your performance.

Get a weekly report on how you are performing.

This regular behaviour allows workers to track their spending, and improve it towards their goals.

Meet Peter

Peter never understood why he ran out of money in the first 2 weeks of the month. He paid rent, did a monthly shop, lived his usual lifestyle, and constantly ran out of money. Peter started using the habit tracker and his life was transformed.

He identified his coffee habit was costing him €135 per month, his Sky Sports, Netflix and Spotify were costing him €120 a month and he was spending €100 on taxis home after pints with the lads.

Understanding the problem areas, he set goals for himself with rewards for achieving them. He managed to quit his expensive coffee habit, started drinking the free coffee in work, and bringing a Keep Cup for coffee on the go. He completely stopped his taxi habit, and started walking or getting the bus home from the pub. Leaving the pub in time for the last bus brought it's own savings benefits.

Over the course of 6 months Peter cleared his credit card debt and started saving into the credit union, which he hadn't done since his confirmation (when he was 12 years old)!