Reduce Costs.
Empower Employees.
Improve Payroll Process.

Save up to 75% on administration payroll costs and increase cashflow while offering employees a great new benefit.

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Empower Your Employees

Let your employees build payday around their life, not their life around your payday

When there is more month than money, Flexiwage gives employees the power to control and budget their income to ensure they have their money when they need it. To have their wage, their way.

1 in 4 employees say that financial concerns have affected their ability to do their job
Of employees with financial worries, state money concerns stop them from performing their best at work.
Say they would be attracted to a company who cared about their financial wellbeing.

Reduce Costs

Flexiwage integrates seamlessly with all existing payroll providers and systems so no costly re-implementation.


Consolidate existing pay frequencies into one monthly processing timetable without impacting employees and saving up to 75% on payroll administration.

Increase Employee Engagement

69% of staff feel they are more productive without financial worries

Attract and Retain The Best Staff

71% of staff said they feel like they are paid more when they are paid more often.

Differentiate from the competition by offering employees greater flexibility on how they are paid.

Protect Your Employees

Keep your employees away from lending in all forms by educating and empowering them to budget their money


Of employees use credit cards to pay for monthly essentials


1 in 4 18 to 35 year olds in the UK have used a pay day loan

Improve Payroll Process

Increase Cashflow

As the employee payments are spread across the month in arrears, Flexiwage can forecast the increase in available funds for utilisation. As usage increases the system becomes cost neutral.

Eliminate Advance Payments

By offering your employees the ability to budget and control their income, remove the need for advanced payments or payroll lending services which charge employees a fee.


Give Your Employees The Freedom Of Financial Wellness

At Flexiwage we believe employers care about their employees, we believe they care if they are struggling to manage their income or are at risk of falling into debt. We also believe that a happy employee is a more productive and engaged one.

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We have dedicated members of the Flexiwage team, who will help guide you through the implementation process and support you with any questions or problems, which may arise.

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