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    Engage your employees with the gift of financial freedom.
    Empower your employees to have their wage, their way,
    without impacting your monthly payroll process.
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    Your employees financial FitBit.
    Get connected
    With Flexiwage, employees can budget, schedule, track their
    spending and improve their habits, increasing their all-round
    financial well-being.

Employee wellness


What if your employees had a smart app, that allowed them to budget, to save, to pay bills, at the press of a button?

An app that guides lower income earners on how to budget, how to manage money, and how to avoid the cycle of pay day loans?

Flexiwage is a groundbreaking solution, that empowers workers to take control of their income, and budget according to their needs.

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What we do

Our Features


Employees can set goals and measure incoming vs outgoing.


Employees can build their pay-day around their lives, not their lives around their payday without having to resort to payday borrowing.


Create saving goals and track monthly creating a rainy day fund or saving for future expenses.a


Flexiwage empowers employees to learn to save, budget and teach themselves positive spending habits, through it's smart, intuitive platform.


The smart technology that underpins Flexiwage has spending trackers built in, which allows employees to set goals and measure performance against it.

71% %
Of staff said they feel like they are paid more when they are paid more often
1 in 238
Of your employees are distracted by finances while at work
69 %
Of staff feel they are more productive without financial worries

Designed to help your team achieve financial wellness.



  • Budget
  • Scheduler
  • Savings
  • Knowledge Center
  • Habit Tracker
Up to 100 Employees


  • Budget
  • Scheduler
  • Savings
  • Knowledge Center
  • Habit Tracker
Up to 500 Employees


  • Budget
  • Scheduler
  • Savings
  • Knowledge Center
  • Habit Tracker
Up to 1000 Employees


1000+ Employees

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Flexiwage?
Flexiwage is a financial wellness benefit for employees, which enables them to schedule their income in a pay frequency that suits their needs, without impacting a company's ability to process monthly.
2. How does it work?
Flexiwage integrates with your payroll software and works as an add-on via the employee app. The process is simple and works as follows:
  1. Company processes monthly payroll and results are fed to Flexiwage
  2. Flexiwage notifies the employee of how much they have earned in the month
  3. Employee schedules their payments on pre-selected paydates within the app
  4. Flexiwage produces payment file and reports for employer
  5. Employer loads file to bank.
3. If pay frequency is monthly how does it allow me to pay weekly?
As part of implementation, the company selects paydates on which an employee can be paid up to weekly frequency. When the employee receives their notification each month, they can distribute as much of their earned income as they choose on each date.
4. If frequency is currently weekly, how do we move to monthly?
Flexiwage allows an employer to transition to monthly processing , effectively moving the employee into a month in arrears. This is done via an initial bridge loan process to bring an employee up to the monthly cycle. This is then recouped over a period of time, usually 3 months. The employee is not impacted in any way, as during the transition, Flexiwage goes live and they gain more flexibility on the way they are paid.

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