Make money saving fun, by taking advantage of cheap and free activities, because getting together with friends and family doesn’t have to blow your budget.

Just try one simple thing, like finding a voucher to cut the cost of eating out. Then blow some supermarket points on cinema tickets, or grab tickets to see your fave TV show being recorded.

What you need to do?

1. Dole out discount vouchers

If you’re in need of a treat, and you know where you want to go, search for vouchers for money off meals at big name chains.

You can find offers like two main courses for the price of one, or 25% off your food bill. Maybe the vouchers might not work at peak times like Saturday evenings, but you could still pick a place to eat for less.

2. Cut the price of the cinema

Want to see the latest release? Swap a Saturday screening for a weeknight out, and you’re much more likely to find cheap seats at the big chains. Keep up to date with the best cinema deals around on websites. Also to be super savvy bring your own cold snacks, sweets and non-alcoholic drinks.

3. Bring your own booze

If you are treating yourself to a night out, one way to help reduce the cost is to find a restaurant that will allow you to bring your own booze. A quick Google search should bring up some options, but keep an eye out for that dreaded corkage fee.

Or for a really cosy night invite friends round to share a bottle and it could work out even cheaper.

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