In the recent Remote Work Report by Zapier, 95% of U.S. knowledge workers reported wanting to work remotely. But many of us struggle when we’re taken out of our usual working environment. Whether it’s space or time management, when you’re not prepared, working from home can be a challenge. 

If like most of us right now, you are suddenly working from home and finding it tough, you are not alone with the struggle. Here are six working from home tips that might help. 

Make a routine

Humans are creatures of habit.  A lie-in is a perk of working from home, but still get up, showered and dressed for a day of work. Sounds small, but psychologically you’re reminding yourself that this is a work day, and not a pyjama day.

Find a quiet space

Instead of scrambling to find a quiet space at 9am, give it some thought and set yourself up the night before. Once you have designated this area for your ‘home office’, it’ll help you behave more diligently when you’re in it.

Manage your time

Working from home means how you structure your day is suddenly largely in your own hands. Use the time wisely as working from home can be a period of increased productivity if done right!

Structure your day.  Block off time in your calendar for specific tasks, write to-do lists or choose to focus on high-value activities – whatever way you manage your time, just be sure to actually do it. And remember – don’t forget breaks.

Meet for virtual coffee

It’s easy to feel a little isolated but we’re all in the same boat. Set up a short daily catch-up with your team first thing in the morning. These can be done over Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts. A catch-up with colleagues is great for morale, accountability and communication. 

Get it done

Set goals and deadlines throughout your day. Remove distractions from your work area and assign break and lunch time in advance.  

Relax and reward

Your commute has been eliminated, so ensure you use the gift of time. Perhaps you can take time to cook, spend more time with your family or check out the latest Netflix series. Decide what treat awaits you in the evening and consider it a reward for working through your day. 

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