DTS announces Irish company Flexiwage as the winner amongst other finalists Fillit, and Virtual Legal in their StartUp100 Programme.

Official Release – Dublin Tech Summit has announced the winner of the 2017 StartUp100 Programme. The StartUp100 Programme has brought 100 early-stage companies from all over the world to DTS for two days of workshops, pitching and networking. Each of the startups received a two-day exhibition stand, entry into the StartUp100 Pitch Competition, and access to StartUp Workshops – which took place over both days of the conference. The opportunity to exhibit to 10,000 attendees alongside major industry leaders such as eir, Accenture and Intel is a core aspect of the StartUp100 Programme. With startups coming from not only Galway, Cork and Dublin but from as far as Australia (Virtual Legal), South Africa (ImpressMe) and Bangladesh (Freemig), the programme truly embodied the ‘global’ aspect of DTS as a conference.

And as a testament to DTS’s worldwide appeal, 50 of the programme participants were international startups, a fact that did not go unnoticed by DTS CEO, Noelle O’Reilly. “We were really committed to striking a balance between featuring some of the innovative homegrown startups and providing a global showcase of burgeoning companies. I’m excited to see how these companies will evolve and grow as a result of the exposure they received here.”

Companies ranged from those specializing in VR (AnotherWorld VR) to NGO’s facilitating volunteer and community-building projects around the world (Tuk Tuk Cartel) to a venture that has created a personal food digestive tracker that can identify food intolerances by analyzing the user’s breath (FoodMarble).

The finalists, Irish companies Fillit , Flexiwage and Australian venture Virtual Legal , span industry and size but all share a common thread: Their limitless potential for growth. Fillit is an online platform that connects those looking for empty spaces with empty or under-utilised spaces. Flexiwage offers employees who struggle to manage their income over a longer pay period a new period a new financial wellness benefit and enables employers to to switch from a weekly payroll cycle to a monthly one. Virtual Legal is an online legal service that provides prescription legal services for approximately 40% less than traditional legal firms.

Commenting on the StartUp 100 programme at DTS, Bill Archer, Managing Director of eir Business said: To say that the startup landscape is competitive is an understatement. All business is competitive but the world of startUps, high stakes and even higher potential for disruptive growth and success makes competition particularly fierce.

 At the very heart of DTS, the StartUp100 Programme has provided a platform for promising, under-the-radar companies to reach a global audience.